Boiling Point Media


Boiling Point offers an array of different marketing internships for passionate Marketing, Advertising, and Communications majors. Our marketing internships are heavy in project management, content writing, design, social media marketing, and more. This internship is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in digital marketing and a professional setting.

Interns will learn to develop their online voice through social media creation and will have the opportunity to create content, represent us at events and bring ideas to the table for implementation into digital marketing strategies. Applicants must be able to multitask and have the self-starter mentality.


Start your future career with Boiling Point Media’s Film Internship Program. If you are a student interested in animation, visual effects (VFX) or post production, we have an internship program for you.

Under the guidance of Emmy Award Winning staffers, Boiling Point Media aims to set students up for success in the visual effects and post production arena. There are not many places in Oklahoma where students can get hands-on experience working with professionals in these fields.

Boiling Point teaches students about character modeling, compositing, rigging, animation, lighting and more. The goal of the program is to put students in a pipeline that will prepare them for a post job in Oklahoma. Boiling Point is passionate about keeping film alive in Oklahoma and wants there to be more jobs available for aspiring filmmakers and post production service.