Destruction from the Skies

Synopsis: “Destruction from the Skies” is a harrowing and emotional docu-series chronicling, episode-by-episode, the most destructive tornadoes in United States history – but through the lens of the human emotional toll. Each storm is unpacked through archival footage, 911 audio recordings, personal smart phone chronicles, and brand-new interviews with victims, survivors, heroes, meteorologists & storm chasers. Each episode chronicles in real time the tension-filled countdown to and recovery from a single devasting storm. Throughout, we also illustrate the science of a tornado in fascinating ways, unpacking the factors determining a tornado’s ferocity and trajectory.

Each episode will have a tension-filled, visceral stopwatch motif where we feel the storm brewing through the stories and footage, witness its rampage on a community, and then discover the tragedies and miracles uncovered in the aftermath.

Each episode will focus on a single historic storm and an individual community that was impacted.

Start and Wrap Dates: 3/15 – 3/31

Filming Locations: Moore/OKC


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