CREW CALL for ULB Feature Film “Birdie”

Location: Eufaula, Oklahoma and surrounding areas
Filming: August 19th x 18-20 days, (Labor Day off)
*** Non union, Oklahoma residents or expatriate

Please note: All crew positions require feature film experience, must be a team player, and most importantly maintain professionalism in all aspects of your work at all times. – Thank you

All department heads and crew positions are available:
*Pay range is $300 – $200/12hr day, x 18 days;
– Except DP/Cam op, Gaffer and Set Designer – rate TBD
– We are looking for a SteadiCam / B camera op – TBD
– All crew positions are paid minimum base/12 + set kit, via payroll

Production Office positions include:
Production Coordinator, Office PA

AD Team:
experienced 2nd AD and Key PA

PLEASE NOTE: At this time we do not need your gear package or camera package breakdown. Please do not include it in your email.

Please email your IMDb link and resume, and if applicable reel, website or social page.
Subject title: (your desired position) – (Your Name)
Email to: