Twins & Sisters Casting For Documentary Series For Television Network

An acclaimed television production company in conjunction with a major cable TV network are currently casting inseparable and larger-than-life TWINS & SIBLINGS! This is YOUR chance to star in a documentary television series that explores the incredible relationship and bond between super close, connected, charismatic and memorable siblings. Seeking siblings, twins and identical twins nationwide. Selected candidates will be compensated for participating. Must be 16 years old or older.

• Is your sibling and/or twin your best friend in the entire world?
• Are you beyond close with your twin/sibling? Do you live together, work together, travel together—literally do EVERYTHING together?
• Are you an IDENTICAL twin who navigates life’s journey with your twin sibling by your side?
• Has anyone ever thought that your sibling relationship is, “extreme” “unique” or “unusual?”
• Do family, friends, significant others ever feel secondary to your super-close sibling bond?
• Do you tell each other everything and absolutely hate it when you have to spend time apart?
• Are you each other’s entire world-best friend, confidant and partner in life?

If you and your twin and/or sibling said, “YES!” we want to hear from you! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in a light-hearted, fun and endearing documentary series that explores the lives of lovable, over-the-top and memorable siblings. Take part in the adventure of a lifetime and get paid while doing it!

To submit, please email:
Names/ages, Location (City & State), full contact information (Phone & Email) Brief bio introducing yourselves and your super-close relationship, several recent photos, as well as any other materials you wish to send.