Treasure Lies

“For where your treasure lies, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

A hardworking, all-American kid learns a faith lesson through an unexpected windfall. It’s a life and death story of greed, jealousy, gratitude, character, and forgiveness.

Feature Film
Producers: Scott and Diane Peterson – ii Films, L. L. C.
Writer: Scott A. Peterson

Our first 2 films are:
– The Current – Winner of the Gold Crown Award for Best Youth Film and rated the 2nd Best Christian Movie by in 2014.
– Miles Between Us – Winner of the Gold Crown Award for Best Drama Under $250,000 and the Bronze Crown Award for Best Picture.

Trailers of our previous films and more info can be found at

Auditions will be done first by monologue, then a self-taped side followed by in-person callbacks in OKC. (it is possible that some roles might be filled prior to the callbacks on the strength of the monologues and self-tapes)

Callback Dates: 3/23/2019-3/24/2019 in OKC area (tentatively)
Filming: 5/27/2019 – 7/3/2019
Shoot Location: Oklahoma City and surrounding area

For the most part, this is an unpaid gig. Film is our mission field. My wife and I have regular full-time jobs but do this as a way of honoring God with talents He has given us. The project is largely funded with gifts and low-interest loans from individuals who believe in what we are doing.

Submission Deadline: 3/20/2019


SEAN (18) white, fit and attractive but still not exactly a homecoming king
MELISSA (18) white, your typical all-American beauty, cheerleader, prom queen the whole package

TIM (18) any race – comedic sidekick of Sean
MOM (42) white
DAD (44) white
WAYNE (18) white, He is much shorter than Sean but is stocky and athletic. He is a lower weight wrestler and a feather-weight boxer and a bully.
MR. SHERMAN (late 50’s) any race – owner of a convenience store
MELISSA’S DAD (45-50) white – very wealthy business owner
PASTOR (50’s or 60’s) any race
MR. SMITH (50’s or 60’s) any race – a successful lawyer
JENNY (11) white
PAM (14) white
WRESTLER (18) any race – typical jock (upper weight classes)
BRAD (18) any race
MRS. WAHL (80’s) any race – slowed by age, uses a walker
MELISSA’S MOM (early 40’s) white – somewhat of a “trophy” wife to her older husband
COP (40’s to 50’s) any race
STUDENT (18) any race
COACH (40’s) any race
TEACHER (40’s – 50’s) any race
TEACHER 2 (40’s – 50’s) any race
KID (15) any race
TV REPORTER (30’s) any race
STUDENT (18) any race
CORY (18) any race
MANAGER (40’s) any race
MAITRE D (30’s) any race
WAITER (20’s) any race
DRIVER (Late 20’s – early 30’s) any race
WRESTLER 2 (18) typical jock (upper weight classes) any race
RYAN (18) white
MINISTER (60’s) any race
TIM (50’s) any race
WAYNE’S DAD (50’s) white
ALEX (18) any race


– Email a headshot, acting resume, and a link to a short dramatic or comedy monologue to
– Include your Name, phone number, email address and the city and state where you live. If you are auditioning for one of the teenage roles please include your age.
– Make the subject line the name of the character
– Send everything in one email.

If you are selected you will be contacted by email and asked to perform a side on a self-taped audition and sending it to us. Please do that as soon as possible as some roles might get filled prior to the callbacks.

Please set as a safe email in your address book so that any reply doesn’t get lost.