The Senior

Feature Film
SAG-AFTRA Basic Agreement
Start Date: March 2019
5 Weeks
Location: Oklahoma
Producers: Mark Ciardi, Campbell McInnes & John Shepard
Writer: Robert Eisele
Director: Brent Ryan Green
Local Casting Director: Chris Freihofer, CSA
Local Casting Associate: Jenn Rader
Local Casting Assistant: Tori Hartley
Audition Location: Norman, OK & Dallas, TX
Pay: SAG-AFTRA Basic Agreement Scale ($980/day +10% agent fee)

37 years ago, Mike Flynt was kicked off his college football team and still regrets it to this day. Now at age 59, he decides to right a wrong and attempts to go back and play his senior year of college. After re-enrolling in school and convincing the current coach, he soon finds himself putting on the pads and inspiring those around him to succeed as well as resolving some of his past issues with his father and those of his own son.
MIKE FLYNT will be played by Robert Patrick


RANDY WILSON- All ethnicities male, to play late 55-65. Best friend to Mike Flynt. Heavy set Happy-Go-Lucky man reveling in the good old days when it comes to the Football reunion. Always supports Mike, no matter what he decides to do. Inspired by his best friend. 5 scenes 20 lines
JAMAL – African American male – to play 19. A sophomore cornerback, lean and hard, with confidence and swagger. He’s the rapper to T.J.’s beat boxing. Not thrilled about the thought of a 59 year old on the team, until Mike can prove himself. 15 scenes 18 lines

HANK STANTON – Caucasian, male – to play 26-year-old redneck and the biggest guy on the team at 6-5 and 315. Strong, smoldering and tough as nails, Stanton always seems to have a quiet problem with Mike. Team bully. 9 scenes 1 line

FERNIE ACOSTA – Hispanic male – to play 21. Linebacker, big in stature and physicality. Genuine heart, he’s one of the first to accept Mike trying to be on the team eventually becoming one of Mike’s close teammates. 11 scenes 11 lines

T.J. – African American male – to play 21. Sul Ross’s All Conference tailback. Buff and boisterous beat boxer. Goofs off with the team in the locker room, until it’s game time. 7 scenes 5 lines

COACH WAYNE SCHROEDER – All ethnicities male. 45-55. Long and lean, in build. The defensive line coach constantly helping the team train. Keeps an eye on Mike, but isn’t bothered by him being on the team in comparison to others. 6 scenes 6 lines

DOC – Caucasian male. To play late 55-65. Sports a handlebar mustache accenting a hook nose. The football teams trainer. Determined to keep his players safe and healthy, he’s passionate about his job and every interaction he has with a player who needs to see him over an injury. 16 scenes 34 lines

MICAH FLYNT- Caucasian male. 25-30. As strong as his father Mike but taller. Deep and intelligent, a lecturer at a University, in his first year of teaching. Has a complicated relationship with his father, both unable to verbalize what the other is feeling. Micah doesn’t support his fathers journey back to football, as they constantly clash on their views. 8 scenes 33 lines
RONNIE CLAY- African American male, to play 35. The teams offensive line coach, towering in stature. Keeps an eye on Mike, but isn’t bothered by him being on the team in comparison to others. 7 scenes 7 lines

COLLEGE MIKE FLYNT- Caucasian male, to play 22. A roving linebacker, tough as nickel steak. His five-eleven, two hundred pound frame is the best football player the University has seen. Gentle with the girls, but he was the wildest boy on that team. 4 scenes 10 lines

PAT- Caucasian female, to play 82. Mike’s mom. Strong and vital, manager at Walmart. Ready to keep business in line. Joyful at the sight of the son she rarely feels like she sees. 3 scenes 13 lines

COLLEGE EILEEN BRAND- Caucasian female, to play 20. Bright eyed college girl, taking in a whole new world. Flirts with Mike, not knowing this is the start to their life together. 2 scenes 3 lines

LILLY- Caucasian female, to play 18. Youngest daughter in the Flynt family. Loving daughter, excited to go to college and concerned for her father’s new football endeavor. 3 scenes 9 lines

STUBBY ARNOLD- All ethnicities male, to play late 55-60. Wrinkled, bald and bespectacled football alum meeting for the reunion. Happy to see his old friends. 2 scenes 2 lines

CLINT- Caucasian male, to play 20’s. Racist cowboy, soft and pudgy from too much beer. Part of a gang of three causing problems on campus. Always looking for trouble and someone to insult. 2 scenes 2 lines

LANIE- Caucasian female, to play 33. Oldest daughter to Mike and mother to her three year old son. Only wants her father to be safe and healthy, the thought of her father injured is enough to bring her to tears. 4 scenes 7 lines
HARLEY- Caucasian male, to play 20’s. Racist cowboy, biggest of the three in the gang. Always looking for trouble and someone to insult. 2 scenes 4 lines
ANDRE WALKER- African American male, to play 20. Freshman football player in Mike’s flashbacks. After a night of drinking, he makes the wrong choice to mouth off to Mike, things turn ugly pretty quick. 1 scene 5 lines

DR. MEHTA- East Indian male, to play 35-45. Orthopedist who checks out Mike after his injury. Helpful to Mike and impressed with his determination. 2 scenes 6 lines

ANDRE WALKER- African American male, to play 57. Quiet after all these years after his altercation with Mike in college. 2 scenes 1 line

J.V. at 48- Caucasian male, to play 48. Mike’s father seen in a flashback.A rock-hard World War II vet, now a carpenter. A father unable to let a son in on his thoughts and feelings. Angered over his sons misfortunes. 2 scene 12 lines

COLLEGE RANDY WILSON- All ethnicities male, to play 20’s. A towering defensive lineman and Mike’s best friend. Always trying to soothe Mike’s anger on the field, and smooth talk the ladies off the field. 1 scene 1 line

STAN WILLIAMSON- All ethnicities male, to play late 50’s. A former linebacker with a white beard, barrel chest and broad behind. One of Mike’s old teammates at the football reunion. 2 scene 5 lines

NEWS ANCHOR- All ethnicities male. Age 30’s. Delivers stats on the Sul Ross football wins and losses. 1 scene 1 speech
JERRY LARNED- All ethnicities male, to play 35-40. The linebacker coach. Tries to calm down one of his players after a fight has the player heated. 2 scenes 3 lines

10-YEAR-OLD MIKE FLYNT- Caucasian male, to play 10. Trying to hold back tears, he’s the victim to his fathers boxing lessons. Confused about whether his father is helping him or hurting him. 1 scene 0 lines

ROY- Caucasian male, to play 20’s. Racist cowboy, one of the three in the gang. Always looking for trouble and someone to insult. 2 scenes 1 line

J.V.- Caucasian male, to play 32. Mike’s Father. A rock-hard World War II vet. Boxes his sun in the garage to make him tough and teach him a lesson about weakness. Some might see it as borderline child abuse. He isn’t threatening, it’s instructive. 1 scene 5 lines.

COACH HARVEY- Caucasian male, to play 46. A big man with a crew cut and beer gut. Talks to the press about young Mike. Troubled by the punishment he must bestow on Mike. 2 scenes 5 lines

19 YO CO ED – All ethnicities female. Pretty college girl unafraid to step up and introduce herself to someone. 1 scene 4 lines

NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER- All ethnicities male, Aged 30’s-40’s. Swarming and eager to snap some photos of Mike. 1 scene 1 line

44-YEAR-OLD PAT- Caucasian female, to play 44. Another flashback mother to Mike – Willowy but strong. Proud of her college son. Always hopeful for her husband and son to have a good relationship. 1 scene 2 lines

BIG REDNECK- Caucasian male, to play 40-50. Impatient on the road as a stalled car strolls in front of him. Gets into an altercation with Mike as the aftermath of his hot-headedness. 1 scene 1 line

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