The Pale Door

Feature Film
SAG-AFTRA Modified-Low Budget Agreement
Executive Producer: Joe R. Lansdale
Producers: Ashleigh Snead, Aaron B. Koontz, Cameron Burns, Kris Phipps
Production Company: Paper Street Pictures
Writers: Aaron B. Koontz, Keith Lansdale, Cameron Burns
Director: Aaron B. Koontz
Local Casting Director: Chris Freihofer
Local Casting Associate: Jenn Rader
Local Casting Assistant: Tori Hartley
Start Date: Mid April, 2019 (20 days)
Filming Location: Guthrie, Oklahoma
Audition Dates: March 15-16 (Norman, OK)
Pay: SAG-AFTRA MLB scale ($335/day +10% agent fee)

A gang of outlaws – joined for the first time by their leader’s younger brother- rob a stagecoach expecting a lucrative bounty, but instead of riches find a mysterious young woman. When the gang’s leader is shot, she promises to help them in return for rescuing her, but instead lures the men to her mother’s coven of witches.


Brenda – 25-45 All ethnicities Female. A brash, no-nonsense, curvy. Part of the gang, she’s a tough cowboy who can handle herself. Horse riding skills are a plus. 10 scenes 16 lines SUPPORTING

Chief – 25-45 Native American Male. The stoic member of the outlaw gang. An Indian recruit and mountain of a man. His quiet presence, large stature and blank stare intimidate the toughest cowboys. He has no lines, but he doesn’t need to. 8 scenes No lines. SUPPORTING

Buck – 18-21 Caucasian Male. He is the youngest cowboy loyal to the gang and brave to a fault. Stands up for Duncan against an older cowboy. 1 scene 4 lines. FEATURED

Vernon – 38-50 Caucasian Male. Father to the young Duncan and Jake. Homestead-working cowboy. Tough, but loving old west father who gives his sons the guns to help protect the property. 1 scene 2 lines. FEATURED

Young Jake – 5-7 year old Caucasian Male. Wide eyed little brother to Duncan. Scared of the dark and the trees tapping on the window. He can be brave when his older brother is with him. 2 scenes 5 lines. FEATURED

Young Duncan – 14-16 year old Caucasian Male. A good older brother to Jake, he is a caring and brave boy who looks out for his younger brother over everything else and keeps him safe when the farm is attacked. Hard working farm boy. 2 scenes 11 lines FEATURED

Mother – 38-50 Caucasian Female. Wearing a white night gown and holding a shotgun of her own. Terror engulfs her face as she looks in and makes eye contact with Duncan as their farm is being attacked. 1 scene 2 lines. FEATURED

Barkeep – 40-70 year old All ethnicities Male. Grouchy bar keep who orders Jake around as he’s working. Lets it slide that the cowboy gang hangs around as long as they pay him to keep quiet. Character looks welcome. 1 scene 5 lines. FEATURED.

Bill – 40-55 year old Caucasian Male. A middle aged man with a hat that doesn’t fit quite right, and an ugly vest. Wanna-be bounty hunter looking to make a profit on finding and killing the cowboy gang. He has an embarrassing dance when he catches a cowboy. Character looks welcome. 1 scene 4 lines FEATURED

Man in Black – 40-60 year old Caucasian Male. Priest in a flashback the condemns Maria for being a witch. Leads his men to Maria and has her burned at the stake. 1 scene 1 speech FEATURED

Pinkerton – 25-55 Caucasian Male. One of the fallen stagecoach security guards protecting a valuable treasure. Backs down from the gang once he’s injured. He is tortured and killed. Character looks welcome. 1 scene 2 lines FEATURED.

Dodd’s Girl -18-30 year old All Ethnicities Female. Beautiful brothel girl Dodd has chosen to give him a bath. 1 scene 1 Line FEATURED

Dodd’s Girl Hag – 60-85 year old All Ethnicities Female. Seconds ago she was a young and beautiful woman, now transformed into a witchy, wrinkled hag to taunt Dodd. 1 scene 2 Lines. FEATURED.

Rose – 18-30 year old All Ethnicities Female. Beautiful brothel girl Wylie has chosen to be with. Teases Wylie about being his girl. 1 scene 3 lines. FEATURED.

Young Woman – 25-35 year old Caucasian Female. Proud farm wife of Duncan and their baby. 1 scene 2 lines. FEATURED

Woman – 25-45 year old All Ethnicities Female. Seen in a flashback, an injured Maria gives miracle birth to her baby. The excited Woman helps deliver her. 1 scene 1 Line. FEATURED

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– Email a headshot and acting resume to the casting office.
– Include all contact information including NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS and CITY/STATE of residence. Please list ages of those under 18.
– Make the subject heading of your email PALE DOOR – (Name of Role) Example: PAUL DOOR – Brenda
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