OKC Thunder Commercial TALENT EXTRAS

The Thunder are shooting their annual TV spot for the season. We need YOU! And your friends!

Looking for extras of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages to be in the latest OKC Thunder commercial! Full day on Sunday October 2nd. Half day (afternoon to evening) on Monday October 3rd.

The commercial takes place at the Paycom Center.

2 FREE LOWER LEVEL tickets PER EXTRA who attends. Food provided on both days.

Please bring any OKC Thunder gear you have as well as a BLUE and ORANGE option.

Please note if you are comfortable getting your face painted.


Here is a current schedule:

October 2nd, Sunday – Fans in the arena

9am – Talent call time

10am Fans in stands

12pm Fans in hallway (getting portraits)

2 pm Lunch for crew / talent

3pm concsessions shots

5pm Exterior shots as people make their way to the arena (splinter Crew)

7pm Wrap


October 3rd, Monday – Spotlight, Fans in parking lot

3pm Talent Call

4pm Portraits of fans in parking lot, various other

7pm Miscellaneous pickups.

8pm Wrap