OCCC Capstone Projects

Auditions will be held at OCCC Visual Performing Arts Center, on Saturday, September 16, from 10:00 AM-5:00 PM. The PAC is located at the address is 7777 S May Ave.

Ethan Carroll, The Dragons

Ethan, late teen, male

Chris, late teen – early 20s, male

Mirage, late teen, male

Jack, late teen – early 20s, male


Brian Rulon, Rock on My Toe

Benjamin “Ben” McCrea, early 20s, male

Jack Nelson, early 20s, male

Emily Larson, early 20s, female

Zachary “Zac” Chumak, early 20s, male


Faith Anderson, Something Special

Isabel, late teens, female

Edgar, mid 20s, male

Oscar, mid – late 40s, male

Sophia, mid 40s, female


Gene Locke, Legacy

Leto Clayton, mid 20s, female

Devlin Duclair, mid 20s, male

Lord Duclair, 50 – 60s, male

Lady Maubrandt, early 30s, female

Bal Sevisk, late 20s, male

Eric Newmere, 18-20, male


Cray McDaniel, Lost Travelers

Todd, 20s, male

Haas, 40s, male/female?

Young Todd, 3-8, male


Andrew Vannes, No Man

Sam, age not specified, male

Hailey, age not specified, female

Kate, age not specified, female

Bully, age gender not specified


Noble Banks, Super Sam

Sam, 15-16, male

Berry, 16, male

Eric, 18, male

Vicki, 17-18, female

Ms Jones, 30 – 40s, female


Sheila Brooks, The Yellow Rose

Monique, late 20s – early 30s, female (African American)

Tatiyana, mid – late 20s, female (African American)

Arnold, late 20s – early 30s, male (African American)


Jess Pate, Year of Hell

Dante, late 20s, male

Simon, 50s, male

Tara, 30s, female

“David, 30s, male. Jane, 50s, female.  Mr D, 30s, male.  Luke, 20s, male” (supporting)