In the Gap

Television Series
Non Union
Network: Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
Production Company: C9 Productions
Producer: Johnny Graham
Director: Jonathan Cousins
Casting Director: Chris Freihofer, CSA
Casting Associate: Jenn Rader
Casting Assistant: Tori Hartley
Auditions: Beginning February 27, 2019
Audition Location: Norman, OK and Tulsa, OK
Shoot Dates: Beginning April, 2019. 4-day weeks.
Shoot Location: Tulsa, OK
Rate of Pay: $600/day flat rate

This half-hour television series mirrors Bible characters in present-day life, giving a modern retelling of classic Bible characters. The series is based on the book by Wilfredo De Jesús (known as Pastor Choco).

Most characters will shoot one day, but a select few will work 2 days. We will only consider Oklahoma residents for cast members.


[TY] Hispanic male. 13-16. He is not afraid to stand up for himself or others. May do the wrong thing even though he sees it as justice.

[MARQUIS] Caucasian or African American male. 15-17. A boxer. Tough kid and sometimes cocky about it, especially, so he can psych out his opponent. Definitely has confidence in himself and his abilities

[JAMAL WILLIAMS] African American male, 30-40. A cop who cares even for those who committed a crime. Takes on the role of a fatherly figure pretty easily especially with Ty.

[DINO] 60+ Caucasian male. Owner of the gym. Is warm and kind and one point in his life be able to put on a good fight-now he just oversees them. He’s seen a lot and knows a lot.

[MELISSA] Caucasian female, late 20’s. She is passionate about photography and bound and determined to get far in her career. She loves God and loves to tell people about Him and comfort them. Her passion for God may exceed her passion for photography.

[CLAIRE] Female, 25-30, any ethnicity. A homeless woman with black eye. Though she may be down and out, she has not lost hope or her faith. She’s resilient and knows that God will get her through this tough time in her life.

[VICK] Male, 30-40, any ethnicity. A war vet who is homeless. He has PTSD and hasn’t recovered from coming back from war. Is almost comfortable with being homeless, but is curious about the people who are constantly helping him.

[CHARLES] 35 year old African American male. He is homeless, but doesn’t feel ashamed about it. He is wanting to get back on his feet and find job. He is well aware of his circumstances and of being homeless in general. Even though he has problems, he still cares about the wellbeing of others.

[GRANT WHITE] Male, 40-50, any ethnicity. Has already had quite a few successes in life and now wants to help other achieve goals. He is kind and sincere to everyone he meets. Though he has money, he doesn’t act like it.

[DALTON] Male, 25-35, any ethnicity. Ex-Black Hawk helicopter pilot who is now struggling returning to everyday life. He has major PTSD, which hinders his ability to be happy and to start living life again. He has a good heart, but is lost right now.

[JT] Male, 25-35, any ethnicity. A fireman. He cares a lot for people, however, is not afraid to say what’s on his mind. He explains to Dalton that it’s not just war veterans who can get PTSD. He is direct and gets straight to the point.

[MIKE] Male, 55-66, any ethnicity. A war veteran. From soldier to counselor, he has made it his mission in life to help those cope with the aftermath of war. He is caring, but is also intellectual when he tries to help people. He gives it to them straight.

[RALPH] Male, 55-65, any ethnicity. A war veteran. Has a really caring heart and understands what vets go through. He volunteers at a vet safe house to help vets resolve their issues. Believes everyone can eventually get past their issues and be happy.

[BETSY] Female, 65-75, any ethnicity. Confined to a wheelchair. Though she is a widow and in a wheelchair, she has passion for life. She is fierce and knows what she wants and how she is going to get it.

[SALLY] Female, 45-55, any ethnicity. She is a radio dispatcher who is colorful and spunky. Likes to help people, however, isn’t the type to go out of her way to do it.

[TED] 35-45 year old Caucasian or Asian male. Delivery man who likes to do the right thing even if it means breaking the rules of his work. He doesn’t like to break the rules, in fact, is an overachiever, but when he sees someone in need, he is willing to help.

[DANIKA] Caucasian Female, 35-45. A news anchor who speaks the truth despite the consequence. Is forced to make an apology about a comment she made, however, is more worried about what will happen to career than what she said.

[RILEY] Male, 25-35, Caucasian or Hispanic. Danika’s assistant and floor director. He is a hard worker and wants to make sure Danika’s career excels so his career can excel.

[CHRIS] Caucasian Male, 40-50, 45. He is the show’s producer which means he has to balance being a friend to Danika and her boss. He wants to do what’s right but also what’s fair.

[AARON] Caucasian male, 45-55. He is the network executive and thinks like a corporate head. He lays down the law and if his employees don’t like it, he has no problem finding someone to replace them.

[MIDGE] Caucasian female, 20-30. Duke’s sister who has been abused. She is lost, sad, and hopeless. She speaks her truth to anyone who will listen.

[DUKE] Caucasian male, 25-35. Tough guy or at least tries to act tough. The aftermath of war has really worn him down. Hasn’t made the best decisions after coming back from war.

[BEN] Male, 30-40, any ethnicity. A successful architect who wants to share his successes with others. He cares about others and is not afraid to back down in order to do what is right.

[MIKE 2] Male, 30-40, any ethnicity. Ben’s friend/coworker. Slightly quirky but probably one of the most supportive people you’ll ever meet.

[GABRIELLA] Hispanic Female, 6-8 years old. Not quite sure of herself, but is sweet regardless of her circumstances. Is ready to be a part of a family that loves her.

[KRISSI] Caucasian female, 25-35. She cares so hard that it makes her anxious. Her perfectionism sometimes gets in the way-she wants to get it all right. About to adopt her first child with her husband, Chris.

[DR. TAMMY WILSON] Female, 40-50, any ethnicity. Slightly burnt out on her job as a social worker, but still finds it in her to keep caring. Is a bit unorganized because she takes on too much.

[CHRIS 2] Caucasian male, 25-35. He is the grounded and rational person in his relationship with Krissi. They complement each other. Has a very strong faith in God and relies on his faith to help guide his life.

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