Casting Call for Feature Film “Sick Girl”

SAG-AFTRA Film From Producers of WHALING To Shoot in Tulsa

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Feature Film
SAG-AFTRA Modified Low Budget Agreement
Producers: Takashi Cheng, Sean McEwen, Cassidy Lunnen & John Papsidera
Writer: Jennifer Cram
Director: Jennifer Cram
Casting Director: Chris Freihofer, CSA
Casting Associate: Jenn Rader
Casting Assistant: Tori Hartley
Shoot Date: July 12 (2 weeks)
Shoot Location: Oklahoma City
Audition Dates: TBD beginning June 17
Audition Location: Norman and Tulsa, OK (Self tapes for regional actors willing to work local or extended local)
Rate: $335/Day +10% agent fee

While SAG-AFTRA members are given preferential treatment, performers do not have to be members of SAG-AFTRA to be considered for this project.

Wren Pepper feels betrayed by her longtime best pals who have left their 17-year-old selves behind to embrace adulthood head-on. In a desperate attempt to garner sympathy and divert attention away from herself after throwing a phone at a kid’s head, Wren blurts out that she has cancer. The only problem is she’s perfectly healthy.


MALCOLM – Male, 40 – 55, any ethnicity. Former military man with a crew cut and an odd sense of style, he is Wren’s boss at a craft-type store. Malcolm is very by-the-book, not one to give into frippery or waste time worrying about what other people think or how they feel. He thinks everyone, regardless of their age or sex, needs to suck it up and be a man, and he will tell this to anyone who asks…all while making beautiful decorations out of tissue paper…LEAD

FRED – Male, 55 – 65, any ethnicity. Wren’s father, and along with Wren’s mother, he has an uncanny knack of making every situation about himself. He’s certain he knows what’s right in any given situation and if anyone dares to disagree, he will just bulldoze over their objections, yelling increasingly louder until the other person finally gives in and shuts up. He does love Wren, it’s just in his own odd, gruff way…SUPPORTING

CAROL – Female, 55 – 65, any ethnicity. Middle-aged, she is Wren’s highly emotional mother. Like Fred, Carol is also inclined to make every situation about herself. But she uses subtle, more passive-aggressive techniques than her husband to get what she wants, namely guilt tripping and crying. Like her husband, she loves Wren, she just displays this love in interesting ways…SUPPORTING

DEREK – Male, 30 – 50, any ethnicity. Upbeat, friendly and handsome, he is the mediator at the cancer support group. He later asks Wren about her “cancer,” a little confused by her strange animosity…3 speeches & 4 lines, 2 scenes

COREY CRAIG – Female, 4 – 6, any ethnicity. Cece’s precocious daughter…6 lines, 4 scenes

RECEPTIONIST – Male or Female, 40 – 60, any ethnicity. This hospital waiting room receptionist is confused by Wren’s behavior, then retorts sarcastically when Wren references the doctors on “Grey’s Anatomy.”…4 speeches & 4 lines, 2 scenes

DOCTOR – Male, 40 – 60, any ethnicity. This doctor is getting impatient as he/she tries to explain to Wren that she doesn’t have cancer…1 speech & 5 lines, 1 scene

OLD DRUNK LADY – Female, 60 – 80, any ethnicity. Seen in a holding cell, this old, grizzled, drunk lady is slurring her words, clearly still out of it, and hoping for some breakfast…4 lines, 2 scenes

GIRL – Female, 22 – 30, any ethnicity. This girl is commiserating with her girlfriend about being pressured by her husband to have a baby. She’s not happy when Wren joins in on the conversation. Comedy chops a plus. .2 speeches & 4 lines, 1 scene

GIRL #2 – Female, 23 – 30, any ethnicity. This girl is urging her friend not be pressured into having a baby, She, too, is little suspicious when Wren chimes in with her opinion on the subject…Comedy chops a plus. 1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene

BARTENDER – Male, 30 – 60, any ethnicity. This bartender is incensed by Wren’s outrageous behavior and finally tackles her to the ground when she tries to bail on her tab…1 speech & 3 lines, 2 scenes

MRS. O’BRIAN – Female, 55 – 75, any ethnicity. She was Wren’s seventh grade teacher who shows up to lend support at a fund-raiser being held for Wren…3 lines, 2 scenes

LITTLE GIRL – Female, 6 – 10, any ethnicity. This little girl is late for a crafts class, upset about getting into trouble for lying…2 speeches & 2 lines, 1 scene
TEENAGE BOYS – Male, 16 – 20, any ethnicity. These teen boys in a car flirt with the girls, calling out to toss them a beer…3 lines, 1 scene

MAN – Male, 35 – 60, any ethnicity. This man at a bar is irritated by Wren’s forward manner. This can be a character type. Typical burly beer-drinker, a barfly, anything you would see in a daytime bar. 2 lines, 1 scene

SICK MAN – Male, 30 – 45, Hispanic. Seen on a telenovela TV show, lying on a hospital bed, this character claims to have been totally cured by the power of love. ALL LINES ARE IN SPANISH…1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene

DOCTOR ON TV SHOW – Male, 40 – 55, Hispanic. This telenovela character tells the Sick Man he is totally cured of his cancer, calling it a mystery and a miracle…ALL LINES ARE IN SPANISH. 2 speeches, 1 scene

FRIEND – Male, 30 – 50, Hispanic.
This Telenovela show character is dumbfounded by the Sick Man’s amazing healing ALL LINES ARE IN SPANISH…2 lines, 1 scene

NICK – Male, 30 – 40, any ethnicity. Jill’s husband. He and his wife get into a spat while at Wren’s birthday dinner celebration…1 speech & 1 line, 2 scenes

DALE – Male, 4 – 6, any ethnicity. He is Jill and Nick’s son. He screams when hit on the head by a phone thrown at him by an angry Wren…3 scenes NO LINES, but will need to be able to take direction.

KEVIN – Male, 30 – 40, any ethnicity. He is Laurel’s husband…2 scenes

TYLER – Male, 30 – 40, any ethnicity. He is Cece’s husband…2 scenes

WOMAN WITH BABY – Female, 25 – 35, any ethnicity. This woman, a former up-and-coming rock star, is now a mom, happily resigned to her new life…2 speeches, 1 scene

SALON WORKER – Male or Female, 21 – 60, any ethnicity. She/he is a worker in a nail salon…1 line, 1 scene

KID – Male, 5 – 8, any ethnicity. This young boy in the crafts class thinks it’s funny to have made a paper poop instead of a paper flower…2 lines, 1 scene

GEORGE KENNY – Male, 28 – 35, any ethnicity. Wren’s childhood sweetheart, he and his pregnant wife show up for Wren’s fundraiser…1 speech & 1 line, 2 scenes

LINDA – Female, 28 – 35, any ethnicity. She is George Kenny’s pregnant and very sweet wife…1 line, 2 scenes

FORMER DONOR – Male or Female, 40 – 75, any ethnicity. This angry person who had donated to Wren’s cancer fund is disgusted by the subterfuge…1 line, 1 scene

YOUNG GUYS – Male, 17 – 21, any ethnicity. These young guys pull up alongside Cece’s minivan to flirt with Cece and her friends…1 line, 1 scene


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