Casting Call for Feature Film “Minari”

Acclaimed Filmmaker Brings Feature To Oklahoma

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Feature Film
SAG-AFTRA Low Budget Agreement
5 day work week. 25 day shoot.
Location: Tulsa, OK
Producer: Christina Oh
Financiers: A24
Production Company: Plan B
Director: Lee Isaac Chang
Writer: Lee Isaac Chang
Local Casting Director: Chris Freihofer
Local Casting Associate: Jenn Rader
Local Casting Assistant: Tori Hartley
Audition Dates: Begins ASAP (Auditions in Norman, OK & Tulsa, OK)
Callback Date: TBD
Start Date: July 15, 2019
Rate of Pay: Scale: daily $630/day + 10%

Cast: Steven Yeun

Additional Notes:
While SAG-AFTRA members are given preferential treatment, performers do not have to be members of SAG-AFTRA to be considered for this project.

In 1983, a Korean immigrant family moves to Arkansas, where the parents, Jacob and Monica Yi, have been recruited to work at a chicken hatchery. Monica is surprised to learn of her husband Jacob’s ambitious plans; he’s purchased a farm in the middle of nowhere to pursue his dream of farming. As Jacob becomes consumed with taming the land, Monica brings her mother Soonja from Korean to Arkansas to care for the children.


[MRS. OH] 40s-50s/Female/Korean factory worker. She works in the chicken hatchery with Monica. She’s friendly and takes Monica under her wing. Wants to help her. 4 scenes, 13 lines (speaks Korean)

[RANDY BOOMER] 50’s/Male/Caucasian He has a few jobs in town. He is the loan office as well as takes care of the kids/drive the school bus for them. In both of his jobs he doesn’t have the best intentions. He is manipulative when helping Jacob with the loan. In his job as the bus driver, he finds opportunity in being alone with young girls. 6 scenes, 9 lines

[JOHNNIE] 7 -year-old male/Caucasian. Doesn’t have a filter. Can sometimes ask questions that appropriate other cultures. He does befriend David, however, he does and say kind of whatever he wants. 11 scenes, 18 lines

[MR. HAYASHI] 60’s/Male/Japanese. He manages the factory workers at the chicken hatchery. Friendly and tries to help make Monica and Jacob feel welcome. He can be first generator Japanese, or second generation Japanese without a Japanese accent. 2 scenes, 3 Lines

[Mr. Ngo] Male – 40’s, Vietnamese. Factory worker at the chicken hatchery. Slightly sarcastic. 2 scenes, 1 line

[BROTHER ROY] 40’s/Male/Caucasian. Preacher at the Baptist Church. Tries to be warm and welcoming to the Yi family. Your typical Baptist preacher. Loves Jesus! 2 scenes, 4 lines

[DOWSING DAN] -50s/Male/Caucasian. Is eagerly trying to sell his product to Jacob. Really believes his product is the only way to have a farm. 1 scene, 3 lines

[BONNIE] -50’s/female/Caucasian. Your typical church goer. Doesn’t practice what she preaches because she is a major gossip. Tries to include Monica but fails due to lack of awareness. 1 scene, 2 lines

[DEBBIE] -40’s/female/Caucasian. Bonnie’s friend. Also your typical church goer. Doesn’t practice what she preaches because she is a major gossip. Tries to include Monica but fails due to lack of awareness. 1 scene, 3 lines

[JUNE] -12/female/Caucasian. Super sweet and well meaning. They just don’t know any better and are fascinated to see other cultures. 1 scene, 5 lines

[MINDY] -12/female/Caucasian. June’s sidekick. Helps make fun of Anne. 1 scene, 1 line

[OLDER KID] -12-14/male/all ethnicities. Bully. Makes fun of Paul who is an old man. Will probably make fun of anyone in sight. 1 scene, 3 lines

[YOUNGER KID] -7-9/male/all ethnicities. Bully. Helps older kid make fun of people. 1 scene, 1 line

[RED-HEADED KID] -6-12/male/Caucasian with red hair. Very poor and is a victim of the other kids’ teasing. 1 scene, 1 line

[SALES LADY] -70s/female/all ethnicities. Kind to the Yi family while they are shopping 1 scene, 1 line

[LAB TECH]-20-30s/male/all ethnicities. Is sweet to the Yi kids and tries to make them not scared. 1 scene, 4 lines

[RECEPTIONIST] -20-40s/female/all ethnicities. Works at the hospital where the Yi family is getting tests done. Warm and friendly. 1 scene, 1 line

[DOCTOR] -40-50s/male/all ethnicities. Is delivering the good news to the Yi family. Has a great bed side manner. 1 scene, 5 lines

[GROCERY STORE OWNER] -40-50s/male/Korean. Is friendly to the Yi and speaks Korean with them. 1 scene, 2 lines

[SOFIA] 20’s/female/Latina. The new worker at the chicken hatchery. Eagerly trying to learn how to do her job correctly. 1 scene, 2 lines

[TEEN DAVID] 14/male/Korean. Is really affectionate and wants to take care of his family. 1 scene, 4 lines

[TEEN ANNE] 17/female/Korean. Also concerned with family’s well being. 1 scene 8 lines


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– Email a headshot and acting resume, or a list of acting experience to the casting office.
– Include all contact information including NAME, PHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS and CITY/STATE of residence.
– Make the subject heading of your email MINARI (Name of Role) – (Name of Preferred Audition City {Audiion cities are Norman or Tulsa, OK} ) Example: MINARI – TEEN ANNE – NORMAN
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– If you are selected to audition for the project, you will be contacted by email. Check emails regularly and allow the email address in your address book.