Casting Call for Feature Film “Full Out 2”

Feature Film
Producer: Jeff Deverett, Barbara Hopkins
Director: Jeff Deverett
Writer: Alix Sternberg
Casting Director: Chris Freihofer, CSA
Casting Associate: Jenn Rader
Casting Assistant: Tori Hartley
Start Date: 08/06/2019 (2 weeks)
Audition Dates: beginning 07/16/2019 (auditions in Norman, OK)
Callback Date: 07/23/2019
Shoot Location: Norman, OK
Pay: $250/Day

Additional Project Info:
This is the sequel to the popular gymnastics film FULL OUT.
FULL OUT 2 already has distribution with a major streaming platform.

The Oklahoma Sooners women’s gymnastics team are the best in the nation and poised to win their 2nd National Championship. The girls are hungry to defend their title against a rival school. Our 4 characters are Senior gymnasts. Their sisterhood is strong and it’s their last chance at a championship title together before they graduate and go their separate ways. They’ve dedicated their lives to this sport, and they want to leave OU as winners. They have one of the best gymnasts in the country on the team; they’ve got the win locked down.
Their world crashes around them with the news that their star gymnast is leaving the team. What looked like an easy victory is now turning into an impossible dream; how could they possibly win without her?
The girls are pushed to overcome life’s challenges by facing them together and finding the courage to discover their own greatness.


[BRENNA DOWELL] 18 to 24 years old, Caucasian female. To play 19. Blonde hair, 5’2″ – 5’4″. She is the best gymnast on the team; she was recruited to OU by Coach Kindler to lead OU to this Championship. She’s driven, determined and all her teammates look up to her. The Sooners are her family, but she has to make a hard decision to leave her teammates and chase her dream of being an Olympic champion. LEAD

[COACH K.J KINDLER] 40 to 50 years old, Caucasian female. Coach Kindler always dreamed of becoming an Olympic gymnast but wasn’t good enough. She now coaches the Oklahoma Sooners women’s gymnastics program and has a new dream of winning many NCAA championships. After practice one day top gymnast Brenna Dowell pulls Coach Kindler aside for an important conversation. Brenna wants to leave OU for the 2015/16 season so that she can try to qualify for the 2016 London Olympics. At first the Coach is surprised and a bit upset that OU will be losing their top gymnast for the season, which will negatively affect their chances of winning the National Championship. But she realizes that Brenna’s dream is to compete in the Olympics and based on her age, this is her only chance. The Coach gives Brenna her blessing to leave the team for that season. This leaves a big hole in the team’s roster. Brenna is a Beam, Bars, Floor, and Vault (all around) specialist. Who will take her place? It’s tough shoes to fill… Coach Kindler has to push her team to the championship and teach them one of life’s most important lessons: to never give up. MAJOR SUPPORTING.

[CHAYSE CAPPS] 18 to 24 years old, Caucasian female. to play 19. Light brown hair, 5’1″ – 5’3″. Chayse was formerly a top-notch hip hop dancer, but at 14 had to choose between dance and gymnastics; they were both full time activities and she could not pursue both. She chose Gymnastics but she has always still loved hip hop dance (no wonder she connected with Logan so quickly!) She is a big personality, the first to rally the girls to go out and the loudest cheer in the room! She’s funny, charismatic and magnetic. She takes Logan under her wing, and is her biggest fan. Chayse believes in Logan and teaches Logan to believe in herself. With Brenna gone, she’s taken it upon herself to lead the team to victory. Chayse’s specialty is Beam; she is very good but she struggles with a particular dismount that she needs to score big points in competition. The pressure is on, she doesn’t want to let the team down. Logan helps Chayse nail the dismount and give back all the encouragement and advise Chayse taught her. LEAD

[A.J. JACKSON] 18 to 24 years old, Black/African American female. To play 18. Dark brown hair. 5’2″ – 5’4″. AJ is quiet and reserved. Gymnastics is something that has always come easy to her, she always scores high points for the team. But unlike most of the other gymnasts, she doesn’t have the same obsession for the sport (although she does love her teammates!) Gymnastics has always just been the world she knows, she doesn’t dream about pursuing it beyond the Sooners (but without gymnastics, who is she?) AJ has always had interest in visual arts and one day at the Fine Arts building she befriends a young artist, Sam. He introduces AJ to painting; their relationship inspires her to step into self discovery and express her true self. MAJOR SUPPORTING

[SAM] 18 to 24 years old, all ethnicities male. To play 19. Quirky, kind and passionate about art. His world is comics; his dream is to draw and write his own legendary series. He’s cool and charming without putting it on or trying hard. He is certain of who he is and what he wants. He falls for AJ and helps her discover a new world of painting. MAOR SUPPORTING

[ELIZABETH] 10 to 12 years old, all ethnicities female. She is a gymnastics Special Olympian. Sweet, adorable, a big fan of the OU Sooner Gymnastics program. She struggles at the balance beam until Natalie coaches her to success. She is thrilled when Natalie invites her to come watch an OU gymnastics meet. Gymnastics skills a definite plus. Balance beam skills an even bigger plus. We are committed to inclusive casting and are very open to consider actual Special Olympic gymnasts in this role, but it is not required. Acting skills a definite plus. SUPPORTING. 3 scenes. 25 lines.

[JOSH] 18 to 24 years old, all ethnicities male. Sam’s friend. He’s a comic book ner like Sam, and teases him about his new “girlfriend.” 2 scenes. 8 lines.

[DAN] 18 to 24 years old, all ethnicities male. Sam’s other friend, another comic book nerd. He also teases Sam about having a girlfriend, but ends up having fun at the gymnastics meet. 2 scenes. 7 lines.
[ELIZABETH’S MOM] 30 to 45 years old, all ethnicities female. The mom of a Special Olympian. She is patient, supportive and kind. SHe is thrilled to see Elizabeth’s success from Natalie’s coaching and looks forward to taking her to the OU gymnastics meet. 3 Scenes, 7 lines.

[NATALIE BROWN] – Female, 18-23, Caucasian. To play 19. Blonde hair. 5’6″ – 5’8″. Natalie is the “Rudy” character. She is the one who wants it the most but is the least talented. She has to try the hardest. All that she wants to do is get a chance to compete at one of the meets. In the last meet, another gymnast gets injured and Natalie gets called upon to compete on Balance Beam. She is so nervous that she doesn’t know what to do. The Coach looks her straight in the eye and says, “Natalie, you were destined for this moment in your life. You can do this. Now get out there and give it everything you’ve got!” Natalie nods her head in agreement. MAJOR SUPPORTING

[ATHLETIC DIRECTOR] – Male, 40-55, any ethnicity. The athletic director is accomplished, professional, tough but fair. 2 scenes.

[ASSISTANT COACH] – Male or female, 25-45, any ethnicity. This former gymnast is an assistant coach on the OU Women’s Gymnastics team. 2 scenes.

[TRAINER] – Male or female, 25-45, any ethnicity. This is the athletic trainer for the OU Women’s Gymnastics team. 2 scenes.

[BALLET TEACHER] 30 to 50 years old, all ethnicities female. A university ballet instructor. She is very thin, very serious and very good at her job. 1 scene. 1 speech.


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