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You have the option to Save and Continue your application at any time by clicking the Save and Continue Later button at the bottom of each page. After clicking this button, you will be given a unique link where you can access your partially completed application. Please be sure to save this link or email it to yourself so that you can return to your application in-progress. If this link is lost, OF+MO will not be able to recover your application and you will have to restart.

Applicants are able to save unfinished work up to 30 days after beginning the application.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN PLEASE READ: There are currently several bills moving through the Oklahoma legislature that could make changes to the Filmed in Oklahoma Act. Our program is still open and we are ready for business; however, please note that any applicants that submit an application before these changes are finalized may have to fill out a new application before June 15. For more information, please contact our office at

Oklahoma’s film incentive is in high demand and can be very competitive due to available funding. If more applications then available funding are received during any award period, Commerce will evaluate each application through an evaluation scoring system. Variables of the scoring system include, but are not limited to the following: Oklahoma workforce, use of an Oklahoma certified soundstage, use of a post-production facility, ownership of a current brick and mortar film support service business, long-term or frequent investment in the state such as a TV Pilot, Multi-film Deal or TV Series, Oklahoma branding and image through distribution, iconic Oklahoma locations or local product placement, filming in a rural city or municipality, and estimated payment to Oklahoma state sales tax. Please visit our FAQ’s should you have additional questions regarding the ranking process.

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Rebate Form - Oklahoma Film & Music