Music Production and Scoring Training and Internship Programs

Through the CARES Workforce Training Program, Onyx Lane is able to offer training and internship programs in Session Producing, Engineering, Scoring, and Orchestration FREE OF CHARGE to Oklahoma City residents who qualify for the CARES Act Funding that is available for retraining.

Limited to a maximum of 20 students, so you are encouraged to apply before December 1st since we will be working on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Students who are accepted as candidates will receive instructions on how to apply for CARES Workforce Training funding for this program.

Who is this for?
Professional and aspiring musicians who want a crash course in how to record, compose, and produce. This is a great opportunity for performing musicians who find themselves recording more often, music educators and conductors who need to record their ensembles, composers and songwriters who need to know how to prepare their music for a professional recording session, and engineers and producers who want to learn more about tracking, editing, and mixing sessions for orchestras, chamber groups, and for film and media.

When will this occur?

  • Session 1 is planned for Dec 9-13, 2020.
  • Session 2 is planned for Dec 16-20, 2020.
  • The internship portion of the program will occur in early 2021.
  • Courses will be presented in person and simultaneously over zoom for those who cannot attend in person. These lectures will also be recorded and available to all students.

For details and to apply, visit