Wide Open Experimental Film Festival

Wide Open Experimental Film Festival (W.O.E.F.F.) is a festival organized by the Film Department at Oklahoma City University. Inspired by Oklahoma’s wide-open landscape, WOEFF wants to showcase experimental films that will open peoples’ eyes to the alternative forms, structures and styles of film.

Be Risky! Think outside the box! We want films that break boundaries and challenge the traditional perception of film.


The festival’s primary goal is to highlight experimental films. If your film is a traditional narrative, you should find another festival. They’re looking for anything that fits the broad, diverse definitions of experimental or avant-garde cinema, from lyrical to collage to structural to expanded cinema. Your film might include visual experimentation, it might be process-oriented, it might provoke visceral reactions. If it’s thought-provoking, mind-boggling, and eye-opening, they’d love to see it.

W.O.E.F.F. will take place in person in Oklahoma City, April 2023.

Regular deadline: November 15, 2022
Late deadline: December 5, 2022

For more details about WOEFF and to apply, visit Film Freeway.