Music Artist July 2015 Graham Colton

Music Artist for July 2015: Graham Colton

After relocating from Dallas to Los Angeles to spend much of the next decade touring and recording as a Universal artist, Graham Colton has rediscovered himself as an artist outside the world of major label influence by going back to his roots in his hometown of Oklahoma City. Reconnecting with old friends producers/musicians Chad Copelin and Jarod Evans of Blackwatch Studios, Graham has become a staple in the burgeoning OKC arts community. He most recently performed at OKCFest and enjoyed the experience. “I loved playing OKCFest! It’s so great to see my city supporting a festival of this size. It, no doubt, shows the demand for all types of music and culture,” said Graham.

He has established himself in many ways at once: writing songs for other artists and film & TV licensing; co-writing with and developing new artists; opening a production studio; launching Fanswell, an online platform for artists to book non-traditional concerts hosted by their fans; and stretching himself creatively as an artist through collaborations with good friend and fellow OKC musician Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips).